We’re building the Mars metaverse. One fully rendered, high-fidelity virtual Mars, divided into almost a billion plots. You can buy 40 acre plots at specific lat/longs in either of our games: Million on Mars: Space to Venture, where you can craft your way to a fully-functioning city with the most realistic set of resources and recipes ever assembled, or in the all-new blockchain web game, Million on Mars: Land Rush, where you can play-to-earn by acquiring your property deeds as NFTs, and then improving your property through crafting and development.


In this high-fidelity MMO, mine for resources, generate fuel systems and craft settlements with existing and next era space tech on real Mars terrains. It's your chance to make your mark - and your Mars.

Stake your claim on the Mars surface. This blockchain-based crafting game lets you buy, sell, and trade actual extraterrestrial acres and resources to be one of this world's first to strike big.

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The World

Two billionaire egos, against one goal: building a self-sufficient city on Mars. Coming Soon.