• Development Update - Unity #1

    Ten days ago, we ran into a deal breaker with Kivy. Kyle’s mac laptop suffered a fatal video card failure and he switched over to a spare macbook pro. This laptop had already been updated with a recent OS update from Apple. When he tried to run the game he had fatal errors with the gstreamer library - the library Kivy relies upon to playback sound and music. This is an issue that has been lurking in my mind as earlier I was not able to produce a Mac install version of MoM with sound due to the same lack of updates with gstreamer.

    We all love Kivy and have spent the last 18 months working in exclusively Python and Kivy, but as they say in Silicon Valley, you cannot make decisions based on sunk costs.

    So what did we do?

  • Development Update

    Starting to ramp up on Django and TDD I (Erik) finished cleaning up the fixes to the change over from ores and tiles being crazy dictionary types to true classes last week, and started to learn Django and at the same time learn Test Driven Development. Going through the excellent Obey the Testing Goat as my intro to both topics. For the past month development has been really light as we did a zerg rush on the outstanding boat tasks on Ad Astra.
  • Development Update

    Website up and functional

    It has been about 45 days since I (Erik) did any development work on the core game. However those 45 days have been very productive: * Learned how static websites are built * Created the Million on Mars site * Went to PyCon and learned a crap ton & we received excellent vailidation on MoM * Created the Ad Astra Sailing Adventures site * Epic 10-day vacation with my Dad, seeing all these amazing Mayan cultural sites
    Now we are getting Ad Astra ready for our passage to the Rio Dulce to spend our hurricane season safe and snug up that sweet river. The boat is ready to go at a moment’s notice. The rainy season has started in earnest with two tropical storm-lets having formed right over us before heading north. Clearly it is going to be an active season and we will do well to be deep in that hurricane hole. Between breaks in the rain we are getting various boat tasks completed. And waiting for a family of these yellow tropical birds to finish using our anchor as a nest location for the season.
    With the website for MoM up and running what is next?