Player Experience Specialist


Million on Mars is a game studio headquartered in Austin, Texas, and led by industry veterans from Zynga. Less than two years old, we’ve already shipped a growing play & own title (Million on Mars) that has been called the best game on the blockchain. Our goal is to inspire people to create a better near-term future. We think dystopian fictional worlds are tired – we want to see a possible future that feels fantastic, and feels fun. Our single-timeline adventure is set starting in a 2040’s that is recognizable, but where humans have made big strides in facing global challenges. There’s a huge national park called the Buffalo Commons that is acting as a carbon sink for North America. 3D printed housing and urban farms have increased quality of life for more people. And, a new joint venture has begun investing in people who want to immigrate to Mars, a place with a rapidly growing economy and ambitious, eerily beautiful architecture. A recently deployed technological marvel called MaMaFi - a gigantic satellite array that has created an artificial magnetosphere for Mars - is making it safer to live on Mars, thickening the atmosphere and providing a shield from solar radiation. Liquid water is starting to form on the planet, decades before scientists thought that would be possible.In this heightened reality, there’s just enough magic involved for the science to be fun. Asteroid mining baron and robotics expert Velma Patel has identified a brand new metal on asteroid Metis, and she’s moved a mountain-sized chunk of it into stationary orbit above her lava-tube lair. No one knows what she’s cooking up next, but some of her past exploits have led to disaster.We have big ambition, big stories to tell, and a growing game economy in an awesome balance of casual crafting and a bit of strategy. We’re just missing blockbuster art!

The Role

We are looking for a specialist to join our team to provide quality, fast and professional service to players. Some kind of a space cowboy who is eager for the stars, is not afraid of galaxies far, far away and knows how to grow potatoes on Mars. This role is a great fit for someone who has endless empathy. For someone who knows the difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain, public key and private key. For someone who can explain to their grandmother how to create a crypto wallet. Please, join us in the struggle to find a balance between quality customer service, the gaming industry, the crypto world and space science.


Including but not limited to...


Working at Million on Mars

We believe that a company that’s trying to manifest a bright future should push the boundaries on what a tech employer can be. We pride ourselves on our work hard, play hard culture. We offer 35 paid days off per year, as a combination of holidays and PTO. 

We are a remote-first company, headquartered in Austin, Texas. This position will be located in Ukraine, with the majority of our player experience team. Attendance at virtual company all-hands every 1-2 weeks is required. Comfort using Slack, Google Meet video calls, and collaborating with team members in multiple time zones with some schedule flexibility are musts.

How to Apply

Please, PRINCIPALS ONLY. Please send an email with a link to your portfolio and your resume to We can’t wait to meet you!