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The Million on Mars in-game universe is vast with so many things to see, do, craft and buy. Here are a few helpful guides to get you started quickly for your first few days on Mars!

first steps on mars

Let's learn how to  connect your Solana Wallet to Million on Mars and show how to best get started with a premium access badge

Quickstart playlist

The official way to get started in Million on Mars.
This video playlist covers: 

Registering and setting up your account
Refreshing Stamina
Using The Marketplace
Scavenging & Job Basics
Claiming Your First Land Plot
Core Buildings & Recharging Power
And Much More

Wallet Creation:
Phantom wallet

Let's learn how to create a Phantom Wallet. Phantom Wallet can be used for transferring Solana into Million on Mars

Wallet Creation:
Wax Wallet

Let's learn how to create a wax wallet and get  connected to Million on Mars

Wallet Linking:
Phantom wallet

Let's learn how to link your new Phantom Wallet to Million on Mars.

Join discord & linking your wax wallet with honeycomb

Playing Million on Mars but haven't made your way over to the discord yet? Here's a handy guide to get verified and link your wax account! You're ready to roll once you've got the WAX role and can view all the channels!

Check out our Player Guide!

You'll find the full breakdown on getting into the game, scavenging, buying your first land, and all the different resources and building you'll want for your Martian homestead!

Player Guide

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We're a community of gamers, scientists, and NFT enthusiasts across 101 countries, all uniting to settle the Red Planet! We can be found in all your favorite places. Join the discussion!

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