The World's First PFP with Real in-game utility

Martizens are a new collection of 10,000 unique NFT’s which tie directly into the Million on Mars game. Inspired by characters from the Million on Mars Universe, each Martizen comes jam-packed with rare traits and in-game utility.

Special Traits
Currency Drops
1 of 1 PFP Art
In-Game Automations
Professional Specialization

Every Martizen is Unique

Play Million on Mars and use the unique traits, each with their own rarity system, to gain gameplay advantages!


Who doesn’t love good financial funding? Depending on your Martizen’s Bankroll rarity, you’ll have access to a imbued amount of funding in the form of Glitter and Dusk tokens! These tokens are claimable in-game, starting June 21st for Dusk. Use them for in-game purposes, or withdraw them under the normal withdrawal rules.

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Professions: Coming Soon!

Just like players, Martizens have Professions! This Professions trait doesn’t mean a Martizen is restricted to one play-style. It is possible to develop any Profession over time. Each comes with a Profession to start out and may already have Experience in it!

Experience: Coming Soon!

Every Martizen lived a life on Earth and brings to Mars the Experience they learned, or perhaps didn’t. They gain Experience too, as complete Work Orders or Recipes, just not on automated tasks. The combination of your Profession and Experience will determine what tasks a Martizen can perform.

Constitution: Coming Soon!

The Martizen’s Constitution represents their Stamina capacity. The higher the rarity, the larger their maximum Stamina will be! Don't worry, they'll feed themselves up to their maximum capacity.

Manage Your Martizens

Ways to Automate and Specialize - Coming Soon!

Play Million on Mars and strategically assign your Martizens Jobs, Work Orders, and even to auto-fill certain tasks. Be careful, Martizens are people too! That means they have to eat, drink, and cool down.  They’ll gain Experience in the related Profession of the work they perform and use their own Stamina, all while earning you the Dusk!

Meet The Martizens

Meet the narrative characters of the Million on Mars Universe!


Jesse just wants his girlfriend, Marisol, to come home from Mars, and he’s got a foolproof plan to convince her. All he has to do is overcome an old family curse and find a buried treasure in the middle of a massive national park.


Marisol’s living the dream in Waterloo, the fastest-growing city in the solar system and a slowly-terraforming paradise. Her top-secret job working for Brouhaha, the most powerful asteroid mining company, is putting her on the fast track.


Yaneris has never shied from a challenge. After raising her daughter on her own while she worked as a vintner, she’s ready for her own big adventure, building the first winery on Mars! A little romance with a fellow traveler doesn’t hurt, either…


Wayne’s a practical guy. When Waterloo started offering big relocation packages for plumbing and HVAC guys, he cashed in the 401k and made his way. And Yaneris, the woman he met on the rocket, might just be the missing puzzle piece he needs to complete his picture-perfect second act.


Sharon is the no-nonsense COO of Duskworks, working for none other than Leon Dusk. She keeps the rockets flying and the recruits on the straight and narrow, but few of them know her softer side… after hours, she’s a hell of a soul singer!

Leon Dusk

The original Mars stan, Leon’s business was decimated after the Mars DART disaster of 2032. He will never forgive Velma for her part in that, but there might be reasons for him to partner with her now that her MaMaFi is fixing the damage…


Klara’s got a big heart and big dreams! After winning her dream job as an intern for Leon Dusk, she and her Insta-famous cat Lil’ Leon are in-flight to Duskworks Landing. Her ongoing adventures are part of our in-game video series Mars Bound.


As a Russian native living in London, Victor has a lot of compassion for immigrant dreams. His gruff exterior barely conceals how much he’s going to miss his work colleague, Klara, when she moves to Mars. He’ll make her a big pot of borscht to send her on her way…


The original velvet hammer, Maeve Dreyfus almost always gets what she wants, especially if it involves her kids. By day, she runs mergers & acquisitions for Velma Patel at Brouhaha, but she’s not taking any chances in getting her son set up with a good life. She’ll steal anything she has to to make sure he never goes wanting.


Scion of the Dreyfus family, Nicky grew up never doubting his place in the world. After his sister got kicked out of Stanford in an admissions scandal, though, Nicky can’t just rely on his parents’ ability to buy their way into anything anymore. If he doesn’t want to end up in 3D printed housing, he’d better figure out a plan soon. It seems like his old friend Jesse might be onto something…


After growing up on tour with his fellow rockstar kid, Jesse, Sasha’s built a great life as a mining and welding expert. When he’s not demolishing underwater skyscrapers in a flooded Miami, he’s planning for his family’s big move to Mars, and trying to talk Jesse into joining him…


Astrid’s mom has always wanted her to have a chance to go to Mars and build an exciting life out on the frontier, but moon child Astrid wants nothing more than to connect with her native roots right here on Earth. She’s got no patience for dreams of terraforming and star-hopping, but fate seems to keep pulling her toward the red planet…


Larrabee and Jesse reconnected after a family tragedy, and now the old friends are once again inseparable. If they can find a terrestrial deposit of Metis and stake a claim, there’s no limit to where they might be able to go!


Colleen just wants her nephew Jesse to fit in. She loves order and subscription cleaning products, but old photos of her with her sister Angie reveal she hasn’t always been so buttoned up…


Jesse’s dad, front man for band Miners of Time, had a monster one-hit wonder with his song We Own The Waves in the 2030’s and he’s been coasting on minor fame since. He woulda coulda shoulda been someone but was too busy battling his own demons…


Never underestimate a woman with a top secret clearance and a long view of US history. It takes a lot to get her to leave her cozy cottage with chickens and books in Laurel Canyon, but if she takes an interest in big problems, she can move mountains.


Beto McCoy, astronaut and environmentalist, is a true hero! After barely surviving the doomed Mars expedition of 2032, he inspired the US with his plan to create a giant national park called the Buffalo Commons, and may be able to ride that groundswell all the way to the White House…


Never afraid to take control, Velma and her trusty AI confidante, Haha, deployed an artificial magnetosphere for Mars, built in secret near her lava tube lair. MaMaFi is making it possible to accelerate terraforming by hundreds of years, and Velma’s using it to hide an even bigger plan…

Life Science

The Martizens Roadmap

  • May 13th: Martizens Announced
  • May 26th: Pre-Sale
  • June 7th: Million on Mars + Fractal Tournament Begins
  • June 13th: Pre-Sale Mint
  • June 14th: Fractal Community Mint
  • June 15th: Public Mint
  • Ongoing: In-game utility, future surprises!
  • 2022: The other 4,000 Martizens will arrive on Mars later in the year.


What is a Wallet? How do I get one?

A crypto wallet is a digital receptacle where you can view and store cryptocurrency assets as well as view transactions. Different wallets have different features and work with different blockchains. For example, some allow you to view NFTs from a smartphone, others only work on desktop machines. Million on Mars recommends Phantom wallet for use on the Solana Blockchain.

What is Minting?

The process NFT’s are created through is called ‘Minting’. When we mint a Martizen a command is run which create’s NFT’s of each Martizen, these NFT’s contain mutable and immutable records and a unique hash which contains all of the meta data. Metadata stores key information about the NFT, such as current ownership, transaction history, and traits. Minting sites allow you to view your NFT collection and NFTs in other collections, as well as buy and sell NFT’s.

What are minting fees or ‘gas’ fees?

Blockchains are decentralized networks of computers and you need to pay fees to process data across that network. Minting fees are the costs members pay to the network in return for processing power. Gas or Minting fees can change over time based on the amount of network traffic on a specific blockchain, but the fees cannot be 100% avoided. To avoid  higher fees, we encourage all Million On Mars players and fans to pre-order their Martizens using our in-game shop.

How do I buy this?

  • The Martizens Pre-Sale is SOLD OUT. The Only way to purchase Martizens is through the Minting Website, which will be announced on 5/27/2022
  • On minting day you can exchange your Astronaut Martizen Patch with you REAL Martizen. Once minted the masked astronaut will appear in your wallet. Your final Martizen will then be reveaeld after Reveal day on June 16th at 2pm CDT and your final Martizen complete with unique features, special and rare traits, a drip of in-game currency, special in-game utility with professions and settlements, and other surprising features will be revealed.
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How many Martizens can I purchase?

  • You can Purchase up to 10 Martizens. Upon purchasing your 10th martizen there is an 8 hour cool down.
  • Example: You CANNOT buy another set of 10 until 8 hours AFTER your 10th martizen purchase. But you can buy those first 10 at whatever interval you want as long as there is supply left.

How do I get SOL into my wallet quickly?

  • MoonPay offers a fast and easy way to buy Solana with credit card.
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How long will it take to receive my Martizen?

  • On minting day depending on the traffic on the Solana blockchain it may take up to 24 hours for your pre-reveal Martizen to appear in your wallet (this is normal).
  • Please remember the Astronaut Martizen image is a placeholder asset until reveal day (6/16 @2pm CDT).

How much will the Martizen cost?

  • Pre-Sale pricing in-game:  
  • 100 units @ 1.8 SOL
  • 750 units @ 2 SOL
  • 1000 units @ 2.1 SOL
  • 1050 units @ 2.2 SOL
  • Fractal Community Mint price is 2.4 SOL
  • Public Mint price is 2.5 SOL
  • The price on and after Minting day is subject to change.
  • Million on Mars has no control over the price of Martizens on secondary markets.

Why can’t I use the Astronaut Martizen?

  • The Astronaut Martizen is a Pre-Sale Minting Badge or placeholder asset. It is proof that you have already paid for your Martizen before minting day and will be destroyed when minted and after reveal day on Thursday June 16th at 2pm CDT

What is the secondary market?

  • “Secondary Market” is anywhere you can buy, sell, or trade NFT’s AFTER their initial purchase.
  • You will ONLY be able to purchase Astronaut Martizens directly from Million on Mars in our shop.
  • You can wait until Minting day to purchase Martizens but we strongly encourage any Million on Mars players to take advantage of our in-game pre-sale.

What is Solana?

  • Solana is a high-performance blockchain supporting builders around the world creating crypto apps that scale today.
  • A Solana token is called a SOL
  • It is Solana's native and utility token that provides a means of transferring value as well as blockchain security through staking. SOL was launched in March 2020 and has strived to become one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies entering the space by means of total market capitalization.

What is Fractal?

  • Fractal is a secondary marketplace for web3 gaming NFTs.
  • Fractal also doing our Minting of the Martizen NFT’s. This means on the day of the Mint, Fractal’s system will ‘mint’ each individual Martzen NFT imbuing it with all the wonderful utility and design features we’ve outlined on this page.
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Do I need to go to Fractal On Mint Day?

  • Yes, if you bought pre-sale Martizens from us, you will need to go to the Million on Mars Fractal page on Minting Day.
  • Mint day is June 13th, 2022 - Pre-Sale Mint starts at 8am PDT and is open for 24 hours.

Do I need to pay more money for Fractal if I purchased in the Pre-sale from Million on Mars?

  • Nope! If you purchased during our Pre-Sale, you are guaranteed a Martizen for each that you purchased from us during the community mint time on Minting day.

I pre-paid for a Martizen, but I missed the June 13th Mint day on Fractal. What do I do?

  • The Pre-Sale Mint will open on 6/13 at 8am PDT and be open for 24 hours.
  • Once the Pre-sale mint closes, you can STILL use your Pre-Sale Minting Badge to obtain a Martizen during either the Fractal Community Mint or the Public Mint, while supplies last.
  • If you miss any of those mints and you are a Martizen Pre-Sale customer, please connect with Million on Mars Support team by filling out a support ticket. Our team will work with you to resolve the issue.

Can I buy more Martizens during the Fractal Community Mint?

  • YES, you can purchase more Martizens during the Fractal Community Mint if you're holding a Community Whitelist Token.
  • The price for Martizens during the Fractal Community Mint is 2.4 SOL.

What is a Community Whitelist Token? How do I get one?

  • These tokens grant pre-public access to the Fractal Community Mint. These tokens do not grant free Martizens, but allow community members to buy a Martizen on Fractal Community Mint Day, getting ahead of the general public!
  • Details on how to get a Community Whitelist Token are coming soon!

Can I buy more Martizens during the Public Mint?

  • YES, you can purchase more Martizens during the Public Mint on Fractal.
  • The price for Martizens during the Public mint is 2.5 SOL.

I didn’t buy a Martizen during the pre-sale. How can I get one?

  • You will need to purchase during the Fractal Community Mint or the Public Mint which will run AFTER the other mints which start on 6/13 via the Fractal site. Public Mint will be selling Martizens while supplies last.
  • We anticipate significant demand on minting day, so it will be best to show up early to our landing page on Fractal’s site.

Can I still purchase a Pre-Sale Martizen?

  • Nope, our Pre-sale is completely sold out.
  • The only way to get a Martizen now is to go to Fractal’s site during the public mint and purchase that day for 2.5 SOL, or get a Community Whitelist Token for the Fractal Community Mint and purchase for 2.4 SOL.

I purchased a Martizen during the pre-sale, but I’m having issues confirming that my transaction is complete.

  • Please fill out a support ticket and our team will work with you to resolve the issue.
  • Please include your Phantom & Wax Wallet ID’s in the support ticket.

What is Wax?

  • Wax is another blockchain purpose-built for e-Commerce through their dApps, NFTs, and unique collectibles.
  • A Wax token is called a WAXP.

Will all 10,000 NFT’s be for sale?

  • 600 Martizens are actively pre-selling to Guilds now.
  • 2900 Martizens dedicated to our Existing Player pre-sale event.
  • 3000 Martizens will be sold starting on Minting day via our white list. 
  • 500 Martizens are reserved for the Million On Mars staff, press, staking rewards, and promotions.
  • 3000 Martizens will be become available for purchase in July 2022.


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