Building a metaverse

The Nerdy Side of Mars

It's only the beginning of Web3, and we are continually investing in experimentation and research to see how far we can push gaming inside this bold new virtual world.

Complete hi-fi virtual mars

We've divided up the entire planet Mars into 691 million unique, 50-acre plots. This real map of Mars leverages data collected by NASA’s The HiRISE project. The HiRISE project gives high-resolution height map data for approximately 3% of the red planet's surface and low-res data for the entire planet, resulting in stunning visual detail.


Players can leverage their skills to craft resources in the most rigours crafting experinece for settling Mars - all based on science!

Mars Simulated Experience

Starting with the sun, to the Martian regolith, the thin Martian atmosphere and the supplies you purchase, players boot strap the in-situ manufacturing on Mars to create your settlement

Mount Sharp: In-Game
Mount Sharp: Curiosity Rover, 2015
Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Play in 3d

We're focused on high-quality 2D experiences today, so you can play the highest quality crafting game on the blockchain on any device, but one day soon we'll expand your view of your settlement into 3D. We've started building a prototype for that, and you can play it today.

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