Build the ultimate settlement, form alliances, and earn passive Dusk!

Strategize your land by forming Settlements! Attract new settlers by setting competitive rental fees for buildings and resource prices and depositing Martizens as NPCs with unique utility. Invite friends to join as you add and upgrade habitats.

Where to start

To form a Settlement, you must own at least three land plots that are right next to each other on the map, and three habitats installed on them. Select land plots that you want to form your Settlement, come up with the coolest name, and you’re good to go!

Building Management

It’s quite easy to forget where you install that Rare Water Filter when you have 15 Land Plots, right? With Settlements, you can easily navigate throughout all of its buildings, set rent prices, fill and complete tasks, create work offers, and more!

Invite Friends

Create a Settlement for your friends or a guild, so all of you can work together toward your common mission. Make unique rent offers just for Settlement’s members and have fun with daily messages!

Create realistic habitable Mars settlements!

How to create a Settlement that could really exist on Mars? Plan everything carefully, and think about every aspect of living...

1. habitats

Build habitable environments with breathable air and comfortable temperature.

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2. energy

Energy is needed to power life support systems, clean the air from carbon dioxide, heat, light, tools, everything. Energy is primarily sourced on Mars from Solar (and later Nuclear), and you'll need a way to store that energy.

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3. water

Fortunately, Mars has a lot of ice under and on the surface, and water rich clays where you can bake the dirt/rocks and collect the water. Setup a distillation column from the baking process and the settlers will have 100% pure water.

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4. toxic protection

Radiation exposure on the surface is about 30-50x what you get at Earth’s surface, and the regolith is very rich in perchlorate and is toxic to human thyroid function. Wear protective suits!

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5. food and better food

You can pack a surprising amount of ready to eat dehydrated meals on a starship, enough food for 12 people to eat for 10 years! While packing a bunch of MREs is fine, locally grown food is a large topic to itself and is critical for permanent stay.

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6. exercise and entertainment

With 38% of the gravity of Earth, bone density and muscle loss would be very rapid without rigorous exercise. Like exercise at home, it would be better to make it fun! People need things... music, games, film, dancing, drinking, etc, for sustained psychological well-being.

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