Starting on May 24, 2022, Breakout hit web3 games, Million on Mars and Sunflower Land are doing an epic cross-chain, cross-universe, interoperable crossover event! Players of either game will be able to start crafting loops in one game and finish over in the other game, unlocking exciting in-game tools, prizes, recipes, and surprises.

The Sunflower Land and Million on Mars Epic Crossover event will begin on May 24 and will continue across both games until the end of spring on June 21.

The Story So Far

In Sunflower Land

Eccentric & Brilliant entrepreneur & Martian, Melon Dusk, has crash landed his rocket in Sunflower Land and needs players' help to gather items to fix his rocket  to take him back home to Mars.

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Meanwhile in Million on Mars

A Rocket carrying glorious sunflower seeds from the Sunflower Lands has crashed and scattered special sunflower seeds all over the planet Mars. Dive into a multi-day crafting quest to collect seeds and unlock special items and be handsomely rewarded for your work.

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How to access the crossover from Sunflower Land

Starting at 5:30pm CDT 5/24, Melon Dusk has crashed his rocket in Sunflower Land and he needs your help. Start by finding Melon Dusk to unlock the crossover event. Players starting in Sunflower Land, once you complete the entire crossover chain in both games, you will be granted a unique and super-cool surprise in Sunflower Land

Head Over to the Goblin Village

  • Start by heading to Goblin Village.
  • Look for the crashed rocket south of the Bank in Goblin Village

Meet Melon Dusk

  • Meet Melon Dusk and help him fix his rocket.
  • Once you complete the quest, you’ll unlock a ‘ticket’ to Mars. A pop-up will be triggered to start the crossover into Million on Mars.

Quick Start Guide For Sunflower Land Players

Welcome to Mars Sunflower Land Players! We're so happy you are here. We put together this helpful tutorial to get yourself oriented more quickly on the red planet.

Million on Mars & Existing
WAX Cloud Wallet Players

How to access the crossover the crossover event

Beginning at 9am CDT 5/24, collect valuable, delicious, and curiously useful sunflower seeds scattered across Mars. Being a resourceful Martian you'll be able to turn those sunflower seeds into some beautiful flowers...and much more!

  • Login to the Million on Mars game.
  • Starting 5/24 and going for 14 days every player will receive 1 Sunflower Seed with Daily Rations. Collect them all and trade them in the Sunflower Shop inside Million on Mars.
  • Additional Sunflower Seeds will be available in Million on Mars via: 
    • Scavenge to find more Sunflower Seeds across the surface of Mars.
  • Once a player has collected 3 Golden Sunflowers they can trade them in at the Sunflower Shop. Exchange 3 Golden Sunflowers for a Sunflower Pack that will include;
    • 1x Common Gen 2 Land Deed
    • 2x Common Gen 2 Solar Panels
    • 1x Common Gen 2 Greenhouse
    • 1x Common Gen 2 Water Filter
    • 1x Common Gen 2 C.A.D.
    • That’s a $20 value!
  • Now you can Learn to Grow Sunflowers in your new Greenhouse to unlock even more remarkable crafting opportunities!


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